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Hi Friends ..!

This is keenly for you the college students who are struggling with / worrying about downloading from TORRENT in your college network. The Firewall used in most of the colleges is the CYBEROAM which makes blocks downloading your favorite movies or games or software or anything from Torrent.

You can make it possible by the way I mentioned below. Follow these steps as I illustrated and unblock your torrent, speed up your data transfer rate and enjoy downloading.


1. Open the torrent file in your Torrent client software(Say uTorrent).

2. Then Right-Click the file and select Properties

Unblock Torrent Cyberoam Step 1

3. A window opens up. In the General Tab you may see the list of trackers (It is the Url that begins with UDP / HTTP) in the Trackers Textboxwhich you can edit as per your wish. Goto the end of the list and paste the Trackers I mentioned below. Make sure that every trackers are separated by a blank line (empty line).

Unblock Torrent Cyberoam Step 2













STEP 2 : Change Setting

1. Goto Options Menu and select Preferences

Unblock Torrent Cyberoam Step 4

2. Preferences window opens up. Select BitTorrent from left-pane. Change the value of Outgoing (dropdown) as Forced and click Ok.

Unblock Torrent Cyberoam Step 5

STEP 3 : Update Trackers

1. Now Right-Click the file and select Update Trackers from the pop-up menu. Thats it ..!

Unblock Torrent Cyberoam Step 6

And finally its time to see the magic of higher speed as ever before with no more interuption ..

Unblock Torrent Cyberoam Step 3

Enjoy Torrent download ..

Source :Rambabu Saravanan



outed as a simpler, subscription-free alternative to the Delorme inReach, the Text Anywhere is a portable, satellite-powered hot spot that adds virtually unlimited text-messaging range to your phone. If your work or play takes you to remote regions of the world out of mobile phone range, this device can keep you in touch with the folks back in civilization.

The Text Anywhere unit pairs with compatible Wi-Fi-equipped computers, smartphones, laptops and tablets. However, unlike some other satellite pairing devices, the Text Anywhere works via a Web app rather than relying on an OS-specific app, giving users a little extra device flexibility. Just like the inReach, it works on the Iridium satellite network, providing global coverage – with the exception of some countries where it is currently disabled, such as Cuba and North Korea, and in places with no clear view of the sky, such as canyons and under thick tree canopies.

To use the Text Anywhere device, you simply select it as your Wi-Fi network on a compatible device and open the browser-based application. You can then send 160-character text messages or text-only emails. It is a two-way device, so you can also receive text messages and text-only emails, and other functions include social media integration and location sharing.

Unlike the inReach, the Text Anywhere is not designed as a rescue device. While you could theoretically use it to contact a friend or rescue agency via text or email, it does not connect you directly to a global rescue coordination center the way inReach and SPOT satellite beacons do. Its location-sharing feature is also not designed as a rescue pinpointing tool. This is really just a device to keep you in touch with friends and family while out of mobile phone range, not a satellite rescue beacon.

The Text Anywhere measures 4 x 4 x 1.5 in (10 x 10 x 4 cm) and weighs 7 oz (200 g) before you pop in the four AA batteries. The device can also be powered by a vehicle’s electrical outlet with the included 12-volt adapter.

An advantage of the Text Anywhere is that it doesn’t require an annual or multi-month package subscription contract. As I personally learned with the SPOT messenger, annual subscriptions for such satellite beacons cost a lot of money (especially when they lock you into an auto-renew) for very little usage. Most users will only need them for a couple of weeks or months out of the year, so a flexible, no-subscription model is an advantage.

Text Anywhere offers a monthly package for US$29.99, which includes 100 messages. The overage rate is $0.27 per message, and there is a one-time activation fee of $35. The device itself costs $399.

Source: Text Anywhere

Remember all those Windows 8 screenshots that surfaced before the platform was released? Well, some of those might have been courtesy of Alex Kibkalo, an ex-Microsoft employee who was just arrested for stealing and leaking company secrets. Unlike the HTC execs who reportedly stole trade secrets to run a new firm, though, Kibkalo allegedly leaked info to a French tech blogger for something akin to revenge — he was apparently angry over receiving a poor performance review when he was still with Microsoft. According to Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the accused sent the blogger (whom he met on a forum) parts of Windows 8’s code and Microsoft’s Activation Server Software Development Kit. While Kibkalo’s charging paper states that the blogger only posted Windows 8 screenshots, Microsoft believes its former employee also encouraged him to share the development kit online. He supposedly wanted that to happen so hackers can use the kit (one of Microsoft’s defenses against software piracy) to crack the company’s products.

If you’re wondering how exactly the accused got caught, it’s because the blogger contacted Microsoft in September 2012 to verify the Windows 8 code Kibkalo sent. When Redmond determined its authenticity, investigators looked through the blogger’s Hotmail account and instant messenger, where they found incriminating emails and chat logs. In one of those sessions, the accused even claimed that he broke into one of the company’s buildings in an attempt to copy a server. Kibkalo’s now facing criminal charges for this particular offense, but according to investigators, he also bragged about leaking Windows 7 files in the past.

[Image credit: Victor/Flickr]

In Older days Students can’t see their  Anna University Internal Mark and Internal Marks are sent to Anna University By colleges by before the examination starts.

But Now Anna University asked college should Report on Attendance  and Internal Assessment Mark in Anna University COE portal in  period wise  . For That Anna university announced timetable  also.


For all theory and practical courses the continuous assessment shall be for a maximum of 20 marks (consisting of 15 marks for  Internal Assessment tests/experiments and 5 marks for attendance). The above continuous assessment shall be awarded as per the procedure given below:

Explanation for 15 marks

1.Theory Courses

Three Internal Assessment tests each carrying 100 marks shall be conducted during the semester by the Department / College concerned.
The total marks obtained in all tests put together out of 300, shall be proportionately reduced for 15 marks and rounded to the nearest integer (This also implies equal weight age to all the three tests).

2.Practical Courses: 

Every practical exercise / experiment shall be evaluated based on the exercise / experiment prescribed as per the syllabus and the records of work done maintained.

There shall be at least one test during the semester. The criteria for arriving at the internal assessment marks (15 marks) shall be decided based on the recommendation of the class committee and shall be announced at the beginning of every semester by the Principal.

 3.Internal Assessment for Theory Courses with Laboratory Component:

The maximum marks for Internal Assessment shall be 15 in case of theory courses with Laboratory component.

If there is a theory course with Laboratory component, there shall be three tests: the first two tests (each 100 marks) will be from theory portions and the third test (maximum mark 100) will be for laboratory component. The sum of marks of first two tests shall be reduced to 30 marks and the third test mark shall be reduced to 30 marks. The sum of these 60 marks (Vide clause 11) may then be arrived at for 15 and rounded to the nearest integer.

The remaining 5 marks for attendance shall be awarded as given below:


Theory and Practical courses and Project Work

76% to 80% of attendance – 1 mark
81% to 85% of attendance – 2 marks
86% to 90% of attendance – 3 marks
91% to 95% of attendance – 4 marks
96% to 100% of attendance -5 marks

Request For The Staffs

Every teacher is required to maintain an ‘ATTENDANCE AND ASSESSMENT RECORD‘ which consists of attendance marked in each lecture or practical or project work class, the test marks and the record of class work (topic covered), separately for each course. This should be submitted to the Head of the department periodically (at least three times in a semester) for checking the syllabus coverage and the records of test marks and attendance. The Head of the department will put his signature and date after due verification. At the end of the semester, the record should be verified by the Principal who will keep this document in safe custody (for five years). The University or any inspection team appointed by the University may inspect the records of attendance and assessment of both current and previous semesters.

How Anna University Calculate  Theory Exam Marks?

Anna University Conducts Theory Exam For 100 marks . Anna university Convert your mark for 100 mark into mark for 80 .

Now your Internal Mark for 20 is also added together . That is your total mark you earned in that subject.


Better JavaScript memory management and HTML prefetching tags could make Web sites more responsive

In the fiercely competitive world of Internet services, Google constantly seeks ways to speed up the delivery of content to its hundreds of millions of users.

At the O’Reilly Velocity conference this week in New York, two Google engineers presented some of their favorite tips and research for expediting delivery of Web pages and applications. Such knowledge could be handy for other Web developers looking to make their products more responsive.

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Google developer advocate and performance expert Colt McAnlis tackled one of the thorniest problems for mobile Web developers today: JavaScript performance.

Web based JavaScript applications can suffer from performance issues, especially on mobile clients, because JavaScript parsing engines use GC (garbage collection) to manage memory. “You shouldn’t rely on garbage collectors,” McAnlis told the audience of Web developers.

GC helps programmers by automatically returning to the operating system the memory a program no longer needs. Writing code to manage memory in low level languages such as C and C++ is a laborious process, though, and such languages aren’t natively supported by browsers anyway.

The problem with many JavaScript Web applications is that JavaScript engines will launch their garbage collection routines at seemingly random times, which will cause applications to momentarily slow down. The frame rate of a video application, for instance, may decrease. Or the time it takes an application to execute an operation may jump to a noticeable 20 milliseconds, up from a typical 3 to 5 milliseconds.

Overall, for GC to work without being noticed by the user, the system memory must be six times as large as the amount of memory being used, said McAnlis, referring to a well known study. This can be a demanding requirement given the limited memory of mobile devices and the number of memory-hungry applications they run.

Add to this issue the increasing use of closures, a programmer-friendly technique of widening the availability of locally defined variables. jQuery, for instance, is a widely used JavaScript library that relies on closures and as a result, creates a lot of splurges in memory allocation.

“Closures scare me,” McAnlis said, referring to how unpredictable they can be in terms of the amount of memory they can consume.

To improve performance, and better manage memory, developers should use an approach similar to the one used by the middleware library Emscripten, which is being used to build high performance HTML5 Web games.


The internet around the globe has been slowed down in what security experts are describing as the biggest cyber-attack of its kind in history.

“Based on the reported scale of the attack, which was evaluated at 300 Gigabits per second, we can confirm that this is one of the largest DDoS operations to date,” online security firm Kaspersky Lab said in a statement, “There may be further disruptions on a larger scale as the attack escalates.”

It is having an impact on popular services like Netflix – and experts worry it could escalate to affect banking and email systems.

Spamhaus, a group based in both London and Geneva, is a non-profit organisation that aims to help email providers filter out spam and other unwanted content.

To do this, the group maintains a number of blocklists – a database of servers known to be being used for malicious purposes.

Recently, Spamhaus blocked servers maintained by Cyberbunker, a Dutch web host that states it will host anything with the exception of child pornography or terrorism-related material.

Spamhaus said it was able to cope as it has highly distributed infrastructure and technology in a number of countries.

Microsoft Freshers Recruitment 2013 Registration Link is Announced. Candidates who are Passing out in the Year 2013 can apply for this recruitment. Recruitment is in Hyderabad. For Complete details please continue reading.

Microsoft Freshers Recruitment 2013

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Only 2013 Passed Out Batch Students are eligible.
  • No Percentage Cut-Off is mentioned so every Microsoft Aspirant can apply.
  • Candidates with 80% or 8 CPGA in Academics and From a Top Institute have greater chance of getting shortlisted.
  • Only Shortlisted Candidates will get the Interview Call from Microsoft.

Job Positions:

  1. Software Design Engineer(SDE).
  2. Software Design Engineer in Test(SDET).
  3. Program Manager.

How to Apply:

All Interested 2013 Passing Out Microsoft Aspirants can register for this recruitment through the below link. You’re also informed that once the link is expired, you’ll not have any chance to register. So, Register before the link get’s expired.

Microsoft Freshers Recruitment 2013 Registration Link 

TIP: Don’t Forget to Include Cover Letter. Get the attention of the Recruiter with Awesome Cover Letter and Grab a Opportunity for the Interview.