Proxy Torrent Configuration ::ByPass Cyberoam/Firewall and Unblock Torrent with Open Trackers

Posted: 20/02/2015 in General News, Security

Hi Friends ..!

This is keenly for you the college students who are struggling with / worrying about downloading from TORRENT in your college network. The Firewall used in most of the colleges is the CYBEROAM which makes blocks downloading your favorite movies or games or software or anything from Torrent.

You can make it possible by the way I mentioned below. Follow these steps as I illustrated and unblock your torrent, speed up your data transfer rate and enjoy downloading.


1. Open the torrent file in your Torrent client software(Say uTorrent).

2. Then Right-Click the file and select Properties

Unblock Torrent Cyberoam Step 1

3. A window opens up. In the General Tab you may see the list of trackers (It is the Url that begins with UDP / HTTP) in the Trackers Textboxwhich you can edit as per your wish. Goto the end of the list and paste the Trackers I mentioned below. Make sure that every trackers are separated by a blank line (empty line).

Unblock Torrent Cyberoam Step 2













STEP 2 : Change Setting

1. Goto Options Menu and select Preferences

Unblock Torrent Cyberoam Step 4

2. Preferences window opens up. Select BitTorrent from left-pane. Change the value of Outgoing (dropdown) as Forced and click Ok.

Unblock Torrent Cyberoam Step 5

STEP 3 : Update Trackers

1. Now Right-Click the file and select Update Trackers from the pop-up menu. Thats it ..!

Unblock Torrent Cyberoam Step 6

And finally its time to see the magic of higher speed as ever before with no more interuption ..

Unblock Torrent Cyberoam Step 3

Enjoy Torrent download ..

Source :Rambabu Saravanan

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