Meet Windows Embedded Automotive

Posted: 17/06/2013 in ASP.NET

One thing we’re never in short supply of around here is unsung heroes—individuals or teams who are doing some pretty amazing things that you’ve rarely or never heard of. Perhaps one of the most prolific groups that falls in this category is the Windows Embedded Business Group, which creates software to power a whole range of devices—many of which you use everyday without ever knowing that they’re running on Windows Embedded.

Perhaps the coolest and most widely known such ‘device’ is the technology that lets you control your car’s stereo, climate control and navigation systems using nothing more than your voice or the in-dash touch screen. Ford and Fiat are just two of several car makers that use Windows Embedded Automotive to power their in-car technology.

Over the course of the next few days I’ll be featuring a series of videos that the Windows Embedded Automotive team put together to highlight some of its personalities, expertise and the vision for the intelligent car. This first video is a round table discussion that really gives you a sense of what each person brings to the team.


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